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Systems Engineering Process

‌Systems engineering is a flexible engineering process, which today combines many disciplines together in a highly organised framework of activity. As such it provides an excellent approach to tackling the complex interactions that are required in order to conceive, design and implement systems from small to large scale. Systems engineering also recognises that a system (which could be a product or service) has a lifecycle that ranges from its early conception through deployment in service and finally to disposal or decommissioning.

For some systems (e.g. mobile phones) this lifecycle is relatively short (typically one to two years) whereas other systems (e.g. aircraft, power stations, ships or trains) have lifecycles spanning several decades.

Clearly, in order to support the different timescales, cost and life expectancy of systems it is necessary to employ different lifecycle models for their development. The classic Systems 'V' development model shown above is just one of many lifecycle models. A proficient systems engineer will instinctively know which lifecycle model is appropriate for the task in hand.

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