Sports Technology Institute


Mr David Cole BSc (Hons), Sports Technology, Loughborough University 2015

Photo of Mr David  Cole

Postgraduate Researcher


I graduated from the Sports Technology undergraduate course in 2015 with a first class degree. During my studies I completed a Diploma of Professional studies where I worked for a mountain sports clothing brand based in Manchester. During my time there I helped develop new technologies and also got a chance to work alongside elite athletes. I was also fortunate enough to receive bursary funding to complete multiple research projects within the Sports Technology department, assisting with research on cricket helmet protection and a rowing training device.

Current Interests

I am part of the surfaces research team based in the Sports Technology Institute. During the final year of my degree I completed a research project focusing on improving the biofidelity of traction measuring devices for 3G surfaces. My PhD is based around the characterisation and behaviour of artificial turf systems and their components with the ultimate aim of creating a realistic numerical model of the whole turf system. It is hoped the model will be able to assist with the design of future turf systems allowing for specific performance parameters to be created.

Out of the lab…

I am a keen sportsman and like to stay active. I participate competitively in football and athletics but enjoy playing a variety of sports. I closely follow developments in sports engineering but also take an interest in science and technology advances outside of the sports arena. Travelling is also a passion of mine as I enjoy discovering new countries and cultures.