Quantum Systems Engineering Research Group



School of Science

School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

School of Business and Economics

PhD Students

  • Russell Rundle (phase spce methods for quantum engineering)
  • Arthur Coveney (addative manufacture for quantum technologies quantum)
  • Kieran Bjergstrom (engineering for quantum reliability. Funded by DSTL)
  • Stephan Duffus (engineered quantum-property enhancing environments)
  • Aidan Heron (design for test in quantum technologies)
  • Patrick Mills (verficiation, valiadtion and hierachial moddelling of quantum technologies)
  • Joe Bowen (design for test and computer aided manufature of quantum technologies)
  • Will Huish (addative manufacture for quantum technologies quantum) 
  • Iliya Dimitrov (addative manufacture for quantum technologies quantum) 

Visiting Academics