Quantum Systems Engineering Research Group


PhD Students and some Staff 2017, left to right:

Joe Bowen, Ben Davies, Patrick Mills, Iliya Dimitrov, John Samson, Mark Everitt, Will Huish, Aidan Heron, Vince Dwyer, Stephan Duffus, Iain Phillips, Kieran Bjergstrom, Russell Rundle.


School of Science

School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

School of Business and Economics

PhD Students

  • Russell Rundle (phase spce methods for quantum engineering)
  • Arthur Coveney (addative manufacture for quantum technologies quantum)
  • Ben Davies (computer aided modelling and design of open quantum systems)
  • Kieran Bjergstrom (engineering for quantum reliability. Funded by DSTL)
  • Stephan Duffus (engineered quantum-property enhancing environments)
  • Aidan Heron (design for test in quantum technologies)
  • Patrick Mills (verficiation, valiadtion and hierachial moddelling of quantum technologies)
  • Joe Bowen (design for test and computer aided manufature of quantum technologies)
  • Will Huish (addative manufacture for quantum technologies quantum) 
  • Iliya Dimitrov (addative manufacture for quantum technologies quantum) 

Visiting Academics