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20 Jul 2016

NQIT Training day

NQIT training day

We were pleased to be asked to oxford to provide training in systems engineering as part of their Skills & Training Day

With its origins in the Apollo space programme, Systems Engineering provides a framework now used widely by organisations for the task of turning technical concepts into complex products and systems.  In this session, participants will gain an appreciation of the scope of systems engineering and practise some techniques drawn from a set of internationally recognised systems engineering competencies. The application of systems engineering to the future development of quantum systems will be explored, with the opportunity to identify future challenges and the extent to which current systems engineering practice will meet them.

Our session provided a broad introduction to classical systems engineering, specific discussions on the application of functional failure mode and effects analysis (FFMEA) and a brief discussion of the particular needs of quantum systems engineering.

The session was well received and we have been asked to provide another session in the January NQIT Skills Forum.