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Keith Tolfrey

Dr Keith Tolfrey

Reader in Paediatric Exercise Physiology and PHC Statistical Advisor

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After completing his undergraduate teaching degree in Physical Education and Mathematics at the University of Exeter (Eric Sparrow Memorial Award for Outstanding Student 1989) Keith taught secondary school P.E.

His first position in higher education was as a Tutor at the University of Exeter whilst completing an MPhil (Paediatric Exercise Physiology 1993) under the expert supervision of Professor Neil Armstrong. Keith then spent two years at the College of St. Mark and John in Plymouth teaching a variety of practical and theoretical disciplines, but focusing predominantly on Exercise Physiology. A move to the Manchester Metropolitan University as a lecturer in 1994 allowed him to complete his PhD (Paediatric Exercise Physiology 1998) under the expert supervision of Professor Ian Campbell.

Keith came to the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences (September 2007) as a senior lecturer to join the vibrant and internationally reknowned team of exercise physiologists. In 2011 Keith was awarded a BASES Fellowship for his work with children and adolescents and significant long-standing contribution to Sport and Exercise Science. In 2013, Keith became a Reader in Paediatric Exercise Physiology.

Current research (and teaching) interests

Keith’s primary research interests relate to health in young people (children and adolescents) and how this might be influenced by either structured exercise training or participation in regular physical activity.

Some of his work has focused on physiological determinants of endurance performance such as maximal lactate steady state, economy, and peak oxygen uptake in young people. He has, however, also collaborated on various projects focusing on wheelchair sports performance and oxygen uptake kinetics.

Current research interests include fat metabolism, postprandial lipaemia, and estimation of energy expenditure in physical activity in young people. From the teaching and learning perspective Keith enjoys working with students on most aspects of exercise physiology, but also has a keen interest in research methods and quantitative statistics.

Selected recent publications

  • Zakrzewski, J.K., Stevenson, E.J. and Tolfrey, K. (2011). Effect of breakfast glycemic index on metabolic responses during rest and exercise in overweight and non-overweight adolescent girls. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. E-pub ahead of print DOI: 10.1038/ejcn.2011.175
  • Tolfrey, K., Bentley, C., Goad, M., Varley, J., Willis, S. and Barrett, L.A. (2011). Effect of energy expenditure on postprandial triacylglycerol in adolescent boys.European Journal of Applied Physiology. E-pub ahead of print DOI 10.1007/s00421-011-1936-x
  • Zakrzewski, J.K. and Tolfrey, K. (2011). Comparison of fat oxidation over a range of intensities during treadmill and cycling exercise in children. European Journal of Applied Physiology. E-pub ahead of print DOI 10.1007/s00421-011-1965-5
  • Zakrzewski, J.K. and Tolfrey, K. (2011). Exercise protocols to estimate fatmax and maximal fat oxidation in children. Pediatric Exercise Science, 23(1):122-135.
  • Zakrzewski, J.K. and Tolfrey, K. (2011). Fatmax in children and adolescents: a review. European Journal of Sport Science. 11(1): 1-18.
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  • Morse, C.I., Tolfrey, K., Thom, J.M., Vassilopoulos, V., Maganaris, C.N. and Narici, M.V. (2008). Gastrocnemius muscle specific force in boys and men. Journal of Applied Physiology. 104(2): 469-474.
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