The PHC welcomes Heather Macrae to Loughborough University

The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport welcomes Heather Macrae to the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University

As part of our January 2021 monthly update, we introduce to you three new PhD students working within the School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences here at Loughborough University.

Heather graduated BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and MSc Exercise Physiology at Loughborough University. Her projects examined the effects of repeated exposure to hypohydration and the efficacy of post-exercise rehydration strategies. Having taken a keen interest in Paralympic sport when she watched the London 2012 Paralympics and furthering this during her BSc and MSc, she hopes that her research will help inform performance strategies and best practice. Over the course of her PhD, she aims to explore the interaction between hydration and metabolism in able-bodied and para-athletes.

Alongside her academics, Heather plays lacrosse for Scotland and played at the 2017 European and 2015 World Championship where Scotland finished 5th. She currently coaches the four women’s lacrosse teams at Loughborough University and is currently Associate Coach to the U19 Scotland National Team.