The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport celebrates its 15th birthday!

In 2020, the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC) turns 15 years old. To celebrate this milestone, Prof. Vicky Tolfrey (PHC Director) and her team have produced a special issue newsletter to capture our journey!

It was 15 years ago when, after having sponsored individual Paralympic athletes, The Peter Harrison Foundation decided to help establish a research centre for disability sport at Loughborough University: The Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport. Looking back, it has been a fantastic journey. While the centre initially focussed on sport performance and Paralympic sports, its research interests and impact now range from the physiology of adapted exercise, to psychological well-being among wheelchair users, to physical activity in children with a disability. At the same time, through work from our current PhD students e.g. Cristina D`Angeli, Tom O`Brien and Conor Murphy, we stay on the forefront of research in the sport performance domain.

It is an honour to present all the kind contributions of collaborators, former and current team members as well as athletes and coaches we have worked with over the past 15 years in this celebratory booklet. We are proud to work with such inspirational people and hope to keep doing so in the future. Up for the next 15 years!