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Conditions of Use

Thank you for your interest in the Physical Activity and Respiratory Health (PhARaoH) Study dataset. Once you have submitted your interest a member of the study team will contact you about your request.

Information on this site is provided by the staff of the PhARaoH Study. While PhARaoH staff make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, please note that errors may be present, even in data that have been thoroughly examined. The PhARaoH Study will make reasonable efforts via electronic mail to notify you of any data file changes.

By requesting access to the PhARaoH data you agree to all of the following items:

  • Make no efforts to identify PhARaoH Study participants.
  • Data will only be used for the approved research question.
  • Not transfer any PhARaoH data to any third party other than staff or students for whom you are directly responsible and who have been named on the data request form Link.
  • Provide details of any research product (journal article, thesis, dissertation, book, book chapter, report, etc.) based on data obtained from the PhARaoH Study by sending an electronic copy to 
  • Report immediately to the PhARaoH Study at any disclosure of study participant identity or any discovery of errors in the dataset.
  • Manuscripts will be sent to the PhARaoH Study at for approval before submission to peer review journals
  • Notify the PhARaoH Study through by e-mail directed to of changes in your contact details, organizational affiliation or organizational status.
  • Student applications will only be approved if accompanied by a letter of support from a supervisor who is an employee of a higher education institution.

  The list of current PhARaoH variables are contained within the document below:




Data Request Process

The PhARaoH data is available to be used for research purposes but to safeguard against improper use, we have put in place an application process. We have outlined this below:

PhARaoH data access process

  1. Fill out the PhARaoH conditions of use form (below) to express your interest in the data
  2. An application form will then be sent to you by a member of the PhARaoH study team. This form will ask you to outline the main research question and methods in more detail
  3. The completed application form will then be sent around the PhARaoH steering group for approval. The steering group will be given 1 week to read the proposal and a) decide if they agreement the proposal warrants investigation using the PhARaoH dataset, b) provide any feedback/edits, and c) indicate their interest in active involvement in the project. If no feedback is received, it is assumed that collaborators agree with the proposal.
  4. If approved, you will be informed of this by email with 2-3 weeks. Approval of any proposal will be valid for 1 year
  5. Once your proposal has been approved, you will be asked to complete, sign and return a Data Use Agreement back to us
  6. Once the agreement has been signed, a member of the PhARaoH study team will be in contact to organise the data transfer
  7. We then ask that any drafted papers are sent to us ahead of submission so we can verify the authorship guidelines and ensure correct use of the data
  8. Once submitting the paper, we then ask that you forward the confirmation of submission to us using
  9. Finally, we would like to be notified when or if the paper has been successfully published and be provided with a link when available

For our own records, we would also like to be informed of any conference presentations that are made using the PhARaoH dataset. This can be achieved by sending over the submitted abstract. If you agree to the above process then please complete the conditions of use form below.




If you would like to register your interest in using the PhARaoH dataset, then please complete the form below:

Fill out my online form.