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6 Sep 2016

New Optical Microscope for LMCC

Following the significant investment in two new field emission gun scanning electron microscopes in December 2015, the centre has recently invested in further equipment to ensure students are able to continually access state of the art equipment.


Our latest addition is a state of the art inverted optical microscope. The microscope offers a full range of contrast techniques from Brightfield, Integrated Modulation Contrast (IMC) and Phase Contrast to Darkfield, Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) and Fluorescence. The microscope is also equipped with a fully motorised stage. The equipment shall provide undergraduate students with the ability to gain hands on experience using state of the art equipment during laboratory classes and also in thier final year projects. The new microscope shall allow researchers to shift the boundaries in materials analysis.

 Leica Microscope

Further investment has also been made by the department of materials in the form of an additional benchtop scanning electron microscope and a benchtop X ray diffractometer. These facilities have been purchased to enhance the undergraduate student's experience. The equipment will be relocated to the STEMLab but is currently located in LMCC to allow students to take full advantage of these facilities whilist the STEMLab is being built.