IAS Open Programme

Our Open Programme offers funds to support a short term visiting IAS Fellow or group of external visitors.

Visits funded through the Open Programme scheme are expected to initiate or extend research collaborations leading towards sustained research activity with a legacy including for example publications and substantive joint funding proposals. Funded applications should enhance Loughborough’s international research reputation and extend the range of funded research collaborations. The scheme funds applications up to £2,500.
We welcome interdisciplinary proposals as well as proposals located within individual disciplines. Priority will be given to applications geared towards generating new research initiatives.
Visiting IAS Fellows should be outstanding academics operating at the cutting edge of their disciplines. The programme is expecting to fund short visits, and applicants must demonstrate the intended outcome of the visit as part of their application form. We expect that during their stay the visitor will be embedded into the wider research community, a Fellow of the IAS, and take part in an event on campus open to a wider audience than the host group – this could be a lecture, seminar or workshop for instance. Please see our Events Guide for suggested activity.
Eligible Costs – Travel and accommodation for visiting academics, costs associated with events organised (e.g. catering, room hire).
Successful applications will receive dedicated support from the IAS, including
  • Profile on IAS website and social media
  • Promotion to a wider audience 
Successful applicants will be expected to submit a report immediately after the visit, and a follow up report subsequently.

To apply:

There will be five rounds of this scheme next academic year, the next round is anticipated to open early September 2019.
Visiting IAS Fellows through the Open Programme include:
  • Professor Raffaele VitoloDepartment of Mathematics and Physics E. De Giorgi - University of Salento - 7-13 January 2019 
  • Professor Jorge Gonzalez, Interdisciplinary Research Centre on Sciences and Humanities (CEIICH) - National Autonomous University of Mexico - 11-31 March 2019
  • Professor Nizan Shaked, School of Art - California State University - 21-24 March 2019
  • Dr Jianguo Chen, Department Of Engineering Physics - Tsingua University - 25-28 March 2019
  • Dr Jimmy Jung, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management - New Jersey City University - 1-5 April 2019
  • Professor Cal Lee, School of Information and Library Science - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - 3-8 May 2019
  • Chris Ivey, Filmmaker, Hyberboy Media - 13-16 May 2019
  • Professor Steven Anlage, Department of Physics - University of Maryland - 20 May-1 June 2019
  • Professor Beverley Rilett, Department of English - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, - 22-25 May 2019
  • Professor Martin Hewitt, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences - Anglia Ruskin University - 22-25 May 2019
  • Prof Anna Amelina, Deaprtment of Intercultural Studies - Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Seftenberg - 22 May 2019
  • Prof Russell King, Sussex Centre for Migration Research - Univeristy of Sussex - 22 May 2019
  • Dr Alistair Hunter, School of Interdisciplinary Studies - University of Glasgow - 22 May 2019
  • Dr Joris Schapendonk, Radboud University, Netherlands - 22 May 2019
  • Prof Semi Purhonen, Faculty of Social Sciences - University of Tampere, Finland  - 10 June-12 June 2019
  • Dr Riie Heikkila, Faculty of Social Sciences - University of Tampere, Finland - 10 June-12 June 2019
  • Dr Hailong Li, Department of Energy Engineering and Future Energy Centre - Malardalens Univesity, Sweden - 15-19 June 2019