IAS Sound Summit 2 - Virtual Launch - April 2020

The Institute of Advanced Studies will be holding a virtual launch of it Sound Summit 2: An Artistic Exploration and Design Conversation in April.

You are cordially invited to the virtual launch of the Sound Theme Summit 2: An Artistic Exploration and Design Conversation: IAS Sound Theme Summit 2.

In keeping with the mission of the IAS to foster dynamic and innovative international research collaborations, we are delighted that we were able to support colleagues leading the Sound Theme in working with IAS Visiting Fellows for Sound to develop a virtual event on our website that everyone can access from a distance. 

Undaunted by the challenges of collaborating in the ether following the cancellation of Sound Summit 2 in March, Professor Hua Dong (School of Design and Creative Arts), Professor Wolfgang Wagenhäuser (University of Music, Trossingen) and Dr Yinan Zhang (The Sound Lab, Tongji University) have brought us an event that celebrates sound, design and research conversations across disciplines and distances. 

We trust that visitors to Sound Summit 2 will enjoy the events and interviews – you are also welcome to listen to the recordings from Sound Summit 1, held in October 2019: IAS Sound Theme Summit 1.