Experience Design Leadership Summit

Experience Design Leadership Summit

In September Professor Rebecca Cain and Professor Cees de Bont hosted an Experience Design Leadership Summit at the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Experience Design Leadership Summit

The Experience Design Leadership Summit was hosted by Prof Rebecca Cain and Prof Cees de Bont. The summit brought together a multitude of different perspectives related to experience design and technology, positioned around thought leadership from leading academics within experience design, interaction, aesthetics, HCI, psychology, design engineering and anthropology.

The small event brought together world-leading experts in the area of experience design from academia and industry.  The two days were delivered to encorage inspiration and to foster rich discussions and conversations around the progress, challenges and opportunities for experience design in our future world.

The speakers were welcomed as Visiting Fellows of Loughborough University, and each expert put forward leading position pieces from their perspective on the past, present and future of experience design, to catalyse discussions.

  • Professor Marc Hassenzahl, Professor of Ubiquitous Design, Experience and Interaction, University of Siegen, Germany
  • Professor Sarah Pink, Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab, Monash University, Australia
  • Professor Paul Hekkert, Professor of Form Theory and Head of Industrial Design, TU Delft, the Netherlands
  • Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen, Head of Design Products Programme, Royal College of Art, UK.
  • Professor Lin-Lin Chen, Professor of Design innovation Strategy and Dean of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University, The Netherlands

Read more about our visiting speakers.

Together as summit attendees, we are working towards a collective vision for the future of experience design, in relation to research, education and business.  This will be published as a manifesto and there will also be other publications arising from the summit as well as the opportunities for building new collaborations and networking.