IAS Workshop: Prof Emiel DenHartog

IAS Workshop: Moisture Mananagement for Comfort and Cooling - Wicked or Wicking?

Moisture management has been widely used by the clothing sports and outdoor industry for quite some years. A variety of research project has shown that water transport (wicking) is not always favorable for evaporation and cooling. But, besides that most people generally thought we know most there is to know about water absorption, wicking, vapor transfer and cooling, and a variety of test and evaluation methods are available. Recent research, however, has shown us that there is much more unknown on fabric wicking than we previously thought, and also, that some methods may not reflect realistic conditions for sweating and cooling and thus may lead to false results. In this workshop we will discuss some of this new research and how these new scientific results may impact test methods for comfort (tactile and thermal) and potentially fabric and clothing design.

Prof. Emiel DenHartog has worked in the area of human body temperature, effects of clothing and heat exchange for over 20 years. Starting as a researcher on modeling human heat exchange in extreme environments he moved towards the impact of protective clothing on the human body. Since 2013 he has worked at the Textile Protection And Comfort Center (TPACC) at NC State University (USA) on the interaction between clothing and the human body to optimize protection, performance and comfort of the human body. Recently his worked has focused more on the local interaction of fabrics and materials with the skin and the effects of the local microclimate on skin health. He teaches classes on Clothing Physiology and Textile Testing and publishes on comfort and protection evaluations of textiles and clothing.

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