Research Excellence

Security and Resilience Research

Introduction to security and resilience research at Loughborough University

Environmental Ergonomics Research

Dr Simon Hodder talks about his research in the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre

Explosives Detection

Dr Jim Reynolds talks about his research in the Centre for Analytical Chemistry

Engineering Systems of Systems

Professor Michael Henshaw talks about his research in Engineering Systems of Systems

Transient Loneliness

Professor Mike Wilson talks about his research in the School of the Arts, English and Drama

Advanced Virtual Reality Research

Professor Roy Kalawsky talks about his research in the Advanced Virtual Reality Research Centre

Resilient Urban Spaces

Dr Ksenia Chmutina talks about her research in Civil and Building Engineering

Cost Benefit Analysis

Professor Mark Freeman talks about his research in the Centre for Post-Crisis Finance

Communication Training

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe talks about her research in the Communication Research Centre

Forming An Efficient Police Force

The Policing Research Group (PRG) brings together Loughborough experts from a wide range of fields

Advancing Societal Resilience

Highlights of a conference held at Loughborough University on 26th February 2015

Health Emergencies

Public perception in health emergencies: science, reality and information flow, Jennifer Cole, RUSI

Infectious Disease Emergencies

Practicalities (and challenges) of planning to respond to infectious disease emergencies, Chloe Sellwood, NHS England

The Ethics of Mass Surveillance

The ethics of mass surveillance and bulk collection, Tom Sorell, University of Warwick

Systems of Systems Engineering

Good practice in systems of systems engineering, Michael Henshaw, Loughborough University

The South Korea Ferry Accident

This animated documentary presents two contrasting views of the accident and asks us to think about how we can best learn from it