Research Excellence

Adventure Programme

Our Adventure programme captures our desire to explore new areas of research or to translate expertise into new application areas.

Current activity focuses on clusters of studentships based around an adventurous research question or new application area; three ‘Adventure miniCDTs’ are now in place with fully-funded opportunities for people interested in undertaking doctoral research in these areas:

Geometry in Robotics, Algorithms and Design (GRAnD)

Studentships Commencing October 2017.
Principal Investigator – Dr Hamid Ahmadinezhad


Studentships Commencing October 2017.

Principal Investigator – Dr Paul Roach

Gas Plasma Interactions with Organic Liquids: Fundamental Processes, Chemical Probes and Novel Synthetic Technologies

Students commenced October 2016, recruitment ongoing.

In the future we plan to create opportunities to secure small grants, in open competition, to enable short-term networking activity focussed on a specific goal.

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