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Dr Ruth Webber

Pronouns: She/her

BA (Hons), MA, PhD

  • Research Associate

I was awarded my PhD from the School of Museum Studies at Leicester University in January 2019. My doctoral research used ethnographic and participatory visual methods to explore and understand the everyday home-making practices of migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women living in Glasgow.

I utilised the training received in my Masters in Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester, for which I was awarded a merit in October 2014. I received a First Class degree in Anthropology and Media from Goldsmiths University in 2011, and have been deeply interested in understanding how inequalities shape our everyday lives from the beginning of my academic career.

I joined CRSP in December 2019 as a qualitative researcher and am involved in two projects. These include the final wave of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded longitudinal study: Bringing Up a Family on an Income Below a Minimum Income Standard, examining the impact of low income on bringing up a family over time, alongside follow up interviews regarding the impact of Covid on bringing up a family, and the Standard Life funded project, investigating the current and future economic well-being of low-to-middle-income families comprising adults in their 20s living with their parents.

Whilst completing my PhD, I worked as a Research Associate at the University of Manchester on an ESRC-funded study looking at the experience of ‘ageing in place’ over time. I am experienced in a wide range of qualitative methods, including participatory and visual methods, secondary qualitative longitudinal analysis, and longitudinal research more broadly. My research interests attend to the impact of inequality and social policy including immigration policy, policy regarding ageing in place and social security on everyday life, specifically homemaking, ageing, bringing up a family and the impacts of low income.

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