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PV2025 aims to understand and predict what influence photovoltaics (PV) will have on different time scales, ranging from near-term prediction to long-term scenario-based prediction over a 15 year time frame. The project brings together teams working on socio-economics (Imperial College, CREST), with PV modelling specialists (CREST) and network specialists (Imperial College). The project will address the following questions:

How much PV are we likely to get for different installation scenarios? Spatially disaggregated PV installation scenarios will be developed to assess PV deployment across different market segments under different market and policy conditions.
How much energy will be generated when and where? Linking the predicted installations to stochastic weather models will allow hourly performance maps for the UK and estimate likelihoods of generation levels.
How will this impact on the infrastructure (grid)? The performance maps generated will be the basis of an assessment of the grid issues and requirements, considering stability, voltage and frequency issues.
How will different mitigation strategies help? Large scale installation will clearly put stresses onto the system. Which technical solutions can be put in place to deal with voltage control and network congestion (e.g. curtailment, power control by inverted)? How will storage, change of user behaviour or e.g. smart metering allow higher level of PV integration and affect UK electricity systems overall stability? Which policy and regulatory framework is needed to allow such measures?

The project will be linked through a GIS based system. All results will also be spatially resolved allowing to identify locations of potential hot-spots. The impact of PV will be considered in terms of value and not only in terms of kWh. Value can be added value as e.g. minimization of stress to the electricity system (and related costs), reduction in fuel poverty or costs in terms of investment needs. A number of scenarios will be set up and evaluated stochastically using high-power computing facilities available to the consortium. Techno-economic as well as regulatory and policy conditions needed to allow high levels of PV deployment in the electricity grid will also be assessed.

People and Partners

Principal Investigator: Prof Ralph Gottschalg (Loughborough University)


Dr Tom Betts (Loughborough University)

Dr Paul Rowley (Loughborough University)

Dr Bikash Pal (Imperial College London)

Dr Candelise Chiara (Imperial College London)

Dr Adam Hawkes (Imperial College London)