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Loughborough University

Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST)

Applied Photovoltaics

Large PV module set up for temperature coefficient measurements in the CREST laboratory

Characterisation of PV Cells & Modules

PV Cell Characterisation

We currently have facilities to take the following measurements on small-area (10x10 cm) devices, according to IEC 60904:

with further measurement systems in development for photoluminescence, spectral-resolved electroluminescence and angular response (optical loss characteristic). Some of the measurement systems are commercial and others have been developed by our experienced in-house team. Most have been included in round-robin comparative tests with other leading international laboratories.


PV Module Characterisation

Facilities suitable for full-sized modules (up to 2.2x2.2 m) allow measurment of I-V curves at different irradiance and temperatures, accommodating:

Most of these measurements make use of a 10ms pulsed source solar simulator - for very slow response large-area modules, we use the outdoor test facility.


PV Inverter Characterisation

A new addition to the CREST laboratory, we can now characterise the efficiency of domestic and small-commercial scale PV inverters (up to 8.5kW) at different DC voltage and power levels, under static and dynamically-varying input. This is used to determine DC-AC conversion efficiency, MPPT alogorithm efficiency and failure conditions, harmonics and influences of the AC grid waveform on the inverter.