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Loughborough University

Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST)

PV Measurement and Calibration Laboratory

Further Measurements

At CREST we also offer a large number of non-accredited measurements and further services:

Assistance in warranty claims
Given the rapid growth of the industry, many PV systems have been installed under time pressure and disagreements between contractors and suppliers may exist. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we advise in disputes on the relevance of observed failures, the approach of proving warranty cases and potential outcomes of a claim. We are happy to support with the interpretation of measurement reports of others.

Root cause analysis of failures
We specialise in the ageing of photovoltaic modules and have an outstanding assortment of metrology tools, we are able to provide root-cause analysis for failures as well as being able to advise on the relevance and potential impact on long-term durability.

Energy Rating characterisation
Performance measurements of PV devices at non-standard conditions enable precise yield simulations for PV power plants. We offer indoor I-V measurements performed at the irradiance and temperature conditions defined in the performance matrix in IEC 61853-1.

Energy Yield characterisation
A comprehensive outdoor test facility allows for continuous high temporal resolution monitoring of outdoor operational performance data (minutely I-V). A full set of meteorological measurements are also logged: irradiance; wind vector; humidity; module and ambient temperature (1 s); and spectrum (minutely). This allows for accurate real-world measurements that can be used to model module performance better.

Spatial characterisation 
Two bespoke Electroluminescence (EL) systems, one for cells and one for modules are employed at CPVMCL allowing for special characterisation of a wide range of technologies.

Precertification, Reliability and Durability studies of PV modules
We can support product development with trial runs of most of the certification tests as well as advise on routes to certification. The research focus on life-time of photovoltaic modules and components enables us to accelerate our clients’ product development.