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Dr Philip Leicester

Research Associate

Tel: +44 (0)1509 635343

Location: MBG.0.L01, Garendon Wing

Philip is a Research Associate with the Centre for Renewable Energy and Systems Technology working on two EPSRC funded research projects: PV2025 is researching the Potential Costs and Benefits of Photovoltaics for UK-Infrastructure and Society; WISE PV is looking at the whole system impacts and socio-economics of wide scale PV integration. Philip’s role in these projects is the development of probabilistic approaches to system modelling in order to account for uncertainty and evaluate risk.

Philip’s broad research interests are the interaction between and co-evolution of societal and technological transitions towards sustainability, in particular with regard to transition towards a low carbon energy system.

Specifically he is interested building energy efficiency and community or building integrated distributed energy generation technology. Of interest are both the determinants of the diffusion of innovation as well as the multi-criteria assessment of their post adoption impacts.  Philip employs probabilistic techniques including probabilistic graphical models such as Bayesian Networks in order to create integrated system models which account for uncertainty, both aleatory and epistemic, and which deliver the potential to understand the complex interaction of different knowledge domains and which may enhance decision and policy making. He is developing an integration of this approach with Geographical information systems (GIS) in order to explore disaggregated and spatial effects.

Conference Proceedings

Philip A. Leicester, Chris I. Goodier, Paul Rowley (2014), Evaluating the contribution of PV to Social, Economic and Environmental Aspects of Community Renewable Energy Projects, 10th Photovoltaic Science Application and Technology (PVSAT-10), 2014, Loughborough, England.

Philip A. Leicester, Chris I. Goodier, Paul Rowley (2013), Using a Bayesian network to evaluate the social, economic and environmental impacts of community renewable energy, Clean Technology for Smart Cities and Buildings (CISBAT), 2013, Lausanne, Switzerland

Paul Rowley, Rebecca Gough, Nick Doylend, Adam Thirkill, Philip Leicester (2013) From Smart Homes to Smart Communities: Advanced Data Acquisition and Analysis for Improved Sustainability and Decision Making. International Conference on Information Society (i-Society) 2013, Toronto, Canada

Leicester, P, Goodier, C, Rowley, P (2011) Evaluating the impacts of community renewable energy initiatives. In ISES Solar World Congress 2011, Kassel, Germany