CREST research highlighted benefiting UK PV sector

Smart Green Energy - Improving consumer protection and industry quality across the UK's solar power sector

Our impact

Supporting the UK Government’s net-zero CO2 target 

  • Our research underpins guidance that applies to more than 1,100 certified PV installers across the UK – the MCS Guidance Note (MGD 003 - 2019) and Battery Storage Standard (MIS 3012 - 2020).

Evidencing the value of Smart Homes

  • We defined the benefits of Smart Homes for consumers and their whole-system value.
  • Our findings were fed into the Government’s and Ofgem’s regulatory and policy initiatives including the Smart Systems Forum, and the Targeted Charging Review on Future Charging.
  • The Report's findings are being used to influence the future policy of householder roles in a smart energy system as outlined in the Government's White Paper.

Commercial adoption

iChoosr’s on-line calculator – informed by our research – is helping local authorities across the UK to deliver their PV programmes, and is now being developed to support solar group purchase roll-outs.

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