Centre for Research in Communication and Culture



The Discourse and Rhetoric Group (DARG) was started in the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University in 1987. To this day, it remains an important centre for discursive and interactional research, both for the staff and students working within it, and the visitors that it attracts from around the world.

The DARGchive project was started in 2016, after a group of DARG PhD students stumbled across a box of old cassette tapes in a cupboard. Since then, the DARGchivists (as they call themselves) have been digitising and releasing archival materials (such as old conference talks), as well as recording new material (most notably interviews).

New recordings are added to the DARGchive on a fortnightly basis (every other Friday). So make sure to come back regularly to enjoy the latest releases. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel

The DARGchive welcomes donations. If you have any archival materials (including recordings of conference talks, data sessions etc.) that you think would make a good contribution, please do get in touch with Bogdana Huma (b.huma@lboro.ac.uk).