Centre for Research in Communication and Culture

Research themes

Social, Political and Cultural Theory

Theme Lead: Ruth Kinna
We’re interested in exploring and understanding the complex forces that shape our societies, how they change over time and how, if at all, actors can intervene to advance their goals.

Building on Loughborough's world-renowned scholarly traditions in sociological analysis and research in the history of ideas, we probe the intersections and affinities that bring disciplines together and interrogate currents of ideas that are too often kept apart.  

Our research examines relationships between religion and politics, government and culture and utopianism and political practice. We apply multi-disciplinary lenses to look at contemporary issues of citizenship and identity and encourage interdisciplinary responses. We offer fresh analysis of popular mobilisations to examine the dynamics of global protest, shifts in democracy and the emergence of the party-movement in contemporary politics. And by drawing on contemporary feminist theory, critical theory and anarchism we bring a radical twist to our work.

Understandings of anarchy

Professor Ruth Kinna talks about her research interests in radical politics, anarchism and the history of ideas.

Our research is framed by three major interests:

  1. Analysis of norms and principles that shape our societies, the construction of traditions and the mobilisation of bias.
  2. Investigation of the economic, cultural, social and political forces that affect our governing institutions, grass-roots organisations and every-day behaviours.
  3. Construction of frameworks for the analysis of change at micro, regional and global levels, in the virtual and real worlds.

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