Centre for Research in Communication and Culture

Research themes

Interaction and Discourse

We explore communication and culture across a variety of everyday and institutional contexts.

Social psychology and interaction brings together a broad range of research on social practices, groups and identities, with a shared interest in exploring how people construct, make sense of and participate in the social world. Our research examines the production and use of talk and social interaction on the one hand, through to cultural, political, and historical identities on the other.

Communicating with people who have dementia

Professor Liz Peel talks about her research looking at how people interact with each other and the opportunities to maximise people’s social inclusion and quality of life.

Our current research is concerned with:

  • Early history of social psychological work on 'race prejudice' in the USA;
  • Collaborative processes involved in the expression and inhibition of prejudice in everyday life;
  • How individuals employ population genetics as a means of identifying with the past;
  • Mapping decision-making practices in psychiatry, neurology and primary care;
  • Psychiatrist-patient communication in the treatment of schizophrenia;
  • Police interviews with vulnerable people;
  • Social action in ordinary and institutional interactions;
  • Diagnosis and treatment in dementia and epilepsy clinics;
  • Effective communication in service encounters;
  • Critical social psychology of racism.

The science of conversation

Elizabeth Stokoe is a Professor of Social Interaction. She studies the science of conversation across a variety of contexts including police interrogation, medical encounters, mediation, dating, and commercial sales.

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