Centre for Research in Communication and Culture

Research themes

EU referendum

Culture, Economy and Policy

Theme Lead: Allan Watson
Loughborough has a proud history of pioneering work in the critical political economy of communication and in media and cultural policy.

Media and cultural industries are not only important sources of wealth-creation and employment but they can also create inequality through shaping everyday culture and public opinion. ‘Who owns and controls the media?’ and ‘To what ends?’ are crucial questions to answer. How can media and cultural policy encourage greater cultural participation and more inclusive forms of democracy? 

Exploring the idea of the digital commons

Professor Graham Murdock talks about his research on the digital commons and the handful of companies who dominate the internet today.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Digital economy;
  • Digital divides and inequalities;
  • Culture and creativity;
  • Creative industries, media and the global city;
  • Museums and cultural heritage;
  • Privacy and identity in the digital age;
  • Public Service Media.

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