Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


CRCC Seminar Series

Semester 2 2019 programme





Speaker Link 

13/02/2019 Brockington U1.22 Professor Floya Anthias
University of Roehampton
Fixities and fluidities: the problem of categories of difference  Profile
06/03/2019 Brockington U1.22 Rasmus Helles & Klaus Bruhn Jensen 
University of Copenhagen
Communities of Tracking: Mapping the Ecology of Third-Party Services Across Top Sites in the EU  
20/03/2019 Brockington U1.22 Professor Danny Kaplan
Barilan University, Israel
Social Club Sociability and Civic-National Solidarity: The Case of Big Brother Reality TV  Profile
01/05/2019 Brockington B1.14 Dr Eric Laurier, Daniel Muñoz and Dr Dan Swanton
University of Edinburgh
“Someone needs to throw you off”: the problems of responding to racist insults Profile
15/05/2019 Brockington U1.22 Professor Adrian Bingham
Sheffield University
In touch with the people to an extent never attained before'? Writing a history of the twentieth century British press Profile
22/05/2019 Brockington U0.05 Dr Simona Guerra
Leicester UniversityProfessor Dominic Wring
Nathan Ritchie
Loughborough University
2019 European Election Special: Reflections on the UK experience