Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


CRCC Seminar Series

Semester 2 2018 Programme





Speaker Link 
31/01/2018 Brockington U1.22 Dr Dimitry Chernobrov, University of Sheffield Public perceptions of international crises: Secure narratives of a positive self Profile
07/02/2018 Brockington U1.22 Stephen Gibson, York St. John University 'We have a choice': The rhetorical enactment of collective resistance in the 'two peers rebel' condition of stanley milgram's obedience experiments.   Profile
14/02/2018 Wavy Top WAV044 Irmak Karademir-Hazir, Oxford Brookes University "Enter Culture, Exit Arts?: The Transformation of Cultural Hierarchies in European Newspaper Culture Sections, 1960–2010” Profile
21/02/2018 Brockington U1.22 Joe Moran, Liverpool John Moores University   Writing the everday  Profile
TBC Brockington U1.22 Anastasia Kavada, University of Westminster  Experiments in Democracy: Digital Media and the Movements of the Squares   Profile
18/04/2018 Brockington U1.22 Andrea Ballatore, Birkbeck University London  Digital Hegemonies: Towards A Geography of Web Content  Profile
25/04/2018 Brockington U1.22 Benjamin Ferron, Université Paris Est The asymmetric internationalization of “media-activism”. A comparison between three networks (Mexico/Israel-Palestine/France)   Profile
02/05/2018 Brockington U1.22 Daniel Smith, Anglia Ruskin University  On ‘gentry aesthetics’ and elite world making: Competing economies of worth and justification in elite social practices  Profile
04/05/2018 Brockington U0.20 Dr Heather Ellis, University of Sheffield  Mapping the Geographies of Britain’s Literary and Philosophical Societies, 1780-1850  Profile
09/05/2018 Brockington U1.22 Simon Potter, University of Bristol "Broadcasting in the name of Peace": radio and internationalism in the 1920's and 30's  Profile
16/05/2018 Wavy Top WAV0.44 Thais Sarda, Loughborough University Constructing the Dark Side of the Web: representation of Deep Web systems and users in British newspapers   Profile 
30/05/2018 Brockington U1.22  Gaia Giuliani, University of Coimbra (Portugal) Race, Nation and Gender in Modern Italy: Intersectional Representations in Visual Culture  Profile 
06/06/2018 James France CC1.10 Rohit Dasgupta, Loughborough University London No Femmes and Vernaculars: Effeminophobia and Class-ed Desires in Digital Queer India  Profile
13/06/2018 Brockington U1.22 Max Hanska & Stefan Bauchowitz, De Montfort University Twitter activity and homophily in the Brexit Referendum and the 2017 General Election: Preliminary results from mining 17m Tweets.


20/06/2018 Brockington U1.22 Maria Rikitianskaia, USI University of Lugano, Switzerland European radiotelegraphy as a genuinely transnational project Profile