Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


CRCC Seminar Series

Semester 1 2018/19 programme





Speaker Link 

17/10/2018 Brockington U1.22 Dr John Postill
RMIT University Melbourne
The rise of nerd politics Profile
24/10/2018 Brockington U1.22 Yannis Stavrakakis
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Populism, anti-populism and crisis: Challenges for democracy in post-Brexit Europe Profile
07/11/2018 Brockington U1.22 Jun Liu, Visiting Fellow
Oxford Internet Institute, The University of Oxford
Contentious Collective Action in the Digital Age - A Synthetic, Comparative Framework Profile
21/11/2018 Brockington U1.22 Dr. Jeanine Baker
Macquarie University, Sydney Australia
The Making Airwaves project: women in Australian broadcasting Profile
05/12/2018 Brockington U1.22 Professor Andrew Miles
University of Manchester
Everyday participation and the shifting boundaries of culture, class and leisure Profile
12/12/2018 Brockington U1.22, 1.30-2.30 Assistant Professor Rebekah Tromble
University of Leiden Netherlands
The Misinformed Citizen? New Approaches for Examining the Quality of Online News Profile