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BBC at 100 Symposium Programme

Conference programme

BBC at 100 Symposium, 13-15 September 2022

Download PDF of programme here - Symposium v 55.pdf

For all enquiries, contact marcus.collins@lboro.ac.uk 

Codes for venues:

(M) MakeSpace, Level 4, NSMM
(N) Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford
(O) Online only
(P) Pictureville Cinema, Level 1, NSMM
(F) French Ballroom, The Midland Hotel


Tues 13/9  
1230 Welcome (P)  
1300 Popular music (M) Peter Mills, Dave Robinson, Ben Torrens and Neil Washbourne (chair: Tim Wall)
  Public service broadcasting (P) Tom Chivers, Magz Hall, Jason Jacobs and Michael Tracey (chair: Jamie Medhurst)
1400 Digital broadcasting (M) Debora Cristina Lopez, Maria Rikitianskaia, Ayesha Taylor-Camara and Bill Thompson
  Interwar broadcasting (P) Donald F McLean, Steve Hocking, Emma Sandon, Tim Wander and John Wyver (chair: Kate Murphy)
1500 Break 
1530 Religion (M) Jody Crutchley, Ruth Deller, Hannah Elias, Scott Freer and Stephen Parker (chair: Siân Nicholas)
  Ethnicity and sexuality (P) Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu, Eleni Liarou, Matthew Linfoot and Justin Smith (chair: Aasiya Lodhi)
  Literature and overseas services (O) Julie Cyzewski, Daniel Morse and Sejal Sutaria (chair: Kate Lacey)
1630 Break 
1700 Archives (N) Matthew Chipping, John Escolme, Einion Gruffudd, Lisa Kerrigan, Claire Mayoh, Mary Stewart, Robert Seatter, Gil Toffell, Helen Wheatley and others TBC (chair: John Hill)
1845 Joint book launch (N)  


Wed 14/9  
900 Local and regional broadcasting (M) Deborah Wilson David, Mark Helsby, Aleksandar Kocic, Liam McCarthy and Kate Williams (chair: Siân Nicholas)
  Popular culture and overseas services (P) Ester Lo Biundo, Erica Harrison, Vike Plock, Simon Potter and Alban Webb (chair: Aasiya Lodhi)
1000 Global broadcasting (M) Glenda Cooper, Suzanne Franks, Chandrika Kaul, James Rodgers and Joshy Joseph Thumpakattu
  Television studies (P) Hannah Andrews, Sarah Arnold, Kurt Barling, Jamie Medhurst and Leanne Weston (chair: Helen Wheatley)
1100 Break 
1115 Literature (M) Barbara Cooke, Patrick O’Sullivan, Aleksandr Prigozhin and Amanda Wrigley (chair: Vike Plock)
  Politics and current affairs (P) John Cook, Morgan Daniels, Martha Evans and Helen Langley (chair: Dom Wring)
1215 Lunch 
1315 History of broadcasting history (P) Hugh Chignell, John Cook, Suzanne Franks, Joanne Garde-Hansen, John Hill, Kate Lacey, Virginia Masden, Jamie Medhurst, Justin Smith, Dom Wring and others TBC (chair: Siân Nicholas)
1500 Break  
1515 Digitised archives (M) Hazel Hall, Bruce Ryan, Jake Berger and Marianne Wilson (chair: Tim Wall)
  Entertainment (P) Christina Baade, Christine Grandy, Richard Haynes and Chris Pallant (chair: Matt Hills)
1615 Africa and the Middle East (M) Andrea Stanton, Gabriel W. Lavin, Caroline Ritter, Ganiyat Tijani-Adenle and Laeed Zaghlami (chair: Suzanne Franks)
  Aesthetics Jonathan Bignell, Tim Boon, Tim Crook and Elizabeth Darling (chair: Jamie Medhurst)
1715 Break 
1900 Dinner and The First Broadcast (F)  


Thu 15/9  
900 Transnational histories of BBC women (O) Kylie Andrews, Alexander Badenoch, Kristin Skoog and Kate Terkanian (chair: Jeannine Baker)
  Documentaries and features  Erin Bell, Amy Genders, Jan Lewis, Mary Irwin and Virginia Masden
1000 Realism (M) Mark Goodall, Jo Henderson, Paul Long and Karen D Thornton (chair: Kurt Barling)
  Radio drama (P) Hugh Chignell, Leslie McMurtry, Andrea Smith, Toni Sant and Pim Verhulst (chair: Jamie Medhurst)
1100 Break 
1130 Children (O) Cynthia Carter, Diane Charlesworth, Zara Healy, Máire Messenger Davies and Jeanette Steemers (chair: Jonathan Bignell)
  Northern Ireland and ‘The Troubles’ (P) Mark Adair, Craig Murray, Ella Roberts, Robert Savage and Jean Seaton (chair: Patrick O’Sullivan)
1230 Lunch 
1330 Mainland Europe (M) Emilie Morin, Carolyn Birdsall, Stefan Sandmeier and Tatiana Eichenberger (chair: Kate Lacey)
  Oral histories of BBC women (P) Rowan Aust, Jeannine Baker, Vicky Ball, Kate Murphy and Tom May
1430 Education (M) Steven Barclay, Mike Howarth, Allan Jones, Dan Weinbren and Shundana Yusaf (chair: Helen Wheatley)
  Jazz and classical music (P) Pedro Cravinho, Roger Fagge, Alison Garnham, Chris Marshall and Tim Wall (chair: Justin Smith)
1530 Diversity (M) Hazel Collie, Dipali Das, Vanessa Jackson, James Jordan and Dharmesh Rajput (chair: Kate Murphy)
  Audiences (P) Martin Cooper, Matt Hills, Kate Lacey, Paul Rixon and Nerys Williams (chair: Siân Nicholas)
1630 Break 
1700 Screening of This is The BBC (1960) (P)