Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


28 January 2021

CA for Beginners

Presented By Charles Antaki, Marco Pino and Saul Albert
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    Registration costs £25, and will be open on Loughborough university Online Store to those who expressed an interest before 21 Sept when the list became full. There may be discretion according to ability to pay – please contact us for further details.

About this event


The workshop is meant for anyone who has a growing interest in CA – perhaps they have heard of it, come across it in their studies, or are working in a group which uses it as an approach for research, and would like to know more. It would also be useful for anyone starting out on research which may take them down the line of analysing talk in great detail.

The kinds of questions we will cover include:

  • What is the relationship between CA and discourse analysis?
  • Why does CA insist on the close analysis of talk, with very detailed transcription?
  • What does CA us about what people are doing in every day in counters?
  • Can we use CA to understand institutional encounters, for example medical consultations or police interviews?
  • How can I use CA in my research?

The day will cover these elements of working with recorded data:

  • How to transcribe, how to identify the components of turns
  • How do identify actions
  • How to build a collection
  • How to develop an argument in conversation analysis.

Contact details

  • For more information, email Charles Antaki at this adress