Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


5 February 2020

Saul Albert and Elizabeth Stokoe - AI and voice technologies in social care settings

Presented By DARG
  • 15:00-16:30
  • G004, G Block

About this event

Building on our recent DARG session we will bring a different piece of data data and an adapted transcription system. We will show video clips featuring a disabled man and his carer interacting while using an Amazon Echo and related home automation products such as ‘smart’ lights, ‘smart’ power sockets, and other similar devices in the course of a domestic routine of waking, eating, and personal care. These data form part of a project on how AI-based voice technologies are used and understood in this setting. Our data consist of 200 hours of audiovisual recordings, created in collaboration with the participants, who co-designed the voice-controlled smart home system and the recording process using two voice-controlled home security cameras.