Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


31 October 2019

Decolonising institutional racisms: Being and feeling in the spaces of museum and academia

Presented By Divya Tolia-Kelly

About this event

This paper will be in two parts. The first is about thinking through race at the space of museum through the Great Chain of Being. This is by way of exploring ways in which black bodies are narrated, classified and positioned in an hierarchy of culture. And the second is exploring the playing out of the black experience in the university. As a coach and mentor to black academics, I will share the impact of race on the experience of being within the academy. Overall the aim is to illustrate how the experience of race in HE compounds and conflates with experiences of being seen as ‘other’ through cultural narratives of museum, academia and the body.
The attempt in the paper to see how there is an unconscious folding together of being and feeling ‘other’, and is an attempt to reflect the layers of being a Black academic working with postcolonial theory and practice in HE.