Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


30 October 2019

Jessica Robles et al. - Reading aloud from mobile-mediated text as a resource for reporting speech to do local actions

Presented By DARG
  • 13.00 - 14.30
  • U112 Brockington Extension

About this event

In this project we are analysing participants ostensibly reading the text content from the screen of a mobile phone as a resource for reporting (text) speech as a direct quotation to co-present interlocutors in naturally-occurring conversation. Our data come from three corpora of young people in casual settings during which personal mobile phones were ordinarily accessible. We have been collecting any instance where someone orients to their mobile phones and purportedly reads some form of text directly from the screen. We are interested in how these instances are sequentially introduced and prosodically produced, and what social action is accomplished through this form of apparent quotation.

All presenters: Jessica Robles, Joshua Raclaw, Stephen DiDomenico, & Jack Joyce