Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


11 October 2019

Publishing Research / Making Research Public

Presented By Ray Siemens

About this event

In this talk, I consider a number of the important similarities among and differences between publishing research and making research public -- and how different types of dissemination can lead to various types of engagement, each with distinct benefits.  Example will be drawn from my recent edition of Henry VIII’s lyrical poetry and the various available forms this work has taken over time as the larger project came together, including freely-available modernized transcriptions for students and popular online audiences early on in the project, more formal publication of those materials in edited collection slightly later, related pieces spun-off in OA and other journals as the project progressed further, publicly-posted formal manuscript draft as the work neared completion, related wikibooks materials intended for specialized audience, and ultimately proper traditional peer-reviewed codex with a reputable press.