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23 September 2019 - 25 September 2019

Workshop in Advanced Conversation Analysis

Presented By Saul Albert, Charles Antaki, Carly Butler, Ruth Parry, Marco Pino, Jessica Robles, Rein Sikveland, Elizabeth Stokoe
  • Loughborough University

About this event

Conversation analysis (CA) is used in the scientific study of social interaction, ranging from mundane to institutional settings. CA is used to examine how people accomplish social activities through the use of talk and other semiotic resources (including the non-verbal). CA studies range from basic work on the fundamentals of human interaction, to applied research aimed at contributing to service improvement.  - 

 - What does this workshop cover? 

The 3-day workshop will provide an overview of advanced topics in CA research as well as key prospects and problems in CA methodology. The workshop aims to build on the skills that participants already have in CA methods of analysis. 

 - How is the workshop structured?  

This workshop will run from 1pm to 6pm on the first day and then 9am-6pm on the second day, and 9am-5pm on the third day. 

Short presentations by the facilitators will cover advanced aspects of CA and its applications to various areas of inquiry. Most of the workshop will be dedicated to practical sessions and hands-on analytic work. Participants will work in small groups on data provided by the facilitators. They will identify an original phenomenon and will share their findings in a short, informal group presentation towards the end of the workshop. The analytic work will be supported by the facilitators.

Facilitators: Saul Albert, Charles Antaki, Carly Butler, Ruth Parry, Marco Pino, Jessica Robles, Rein Sikveland, Elizabeth Stokoe.

 - Who is the workshop for? 

The workshop is open to postgraduates, post-docs, researchers and faculty who have a good knowledge of CA and wish to consolidate their analytic skills. This includes established colleagues interested in exploring new specialties. The number of participants will be restricted to 20 (in order to maximise opportunities for participation). The fee for the three days will cover costs, including photocopies of training materials, refreshments and buffet lunches. For employed persons and PhD students with training budgets the charge is £250. For unwaged and PhD students without training budgets the charge is £195.  

 - Do I need to have prior knowledge of conversation analysis?  

Yes. This workshop is open to participants who have a good working knowledge of CA. 

 - How do I apply?   

Enquiries and applications to Marco Pino: m.pino@lboro.ac.uk

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