Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


19 June 2019

Chloe Waterman - Planning for the future for individuals with dementia, suicidal ideation in interviews

Presented By DARG
  • 13:00 - 14:30
  • U1.12 Brockington Extension

About this event

This data comes from several interviews I have conducted with individuals with mild stage dementia and their informal family carer (usually a spouse). I am at the early stages of building collections, and suicide as a topic has come up in more interviews than expected when asking about plans for the future. The interviews are semi-structured and I will be using them to inform my PhD research on how mental capacity is constructed by those with dementia and their carers, as this is a key concept used in law when people try to make legal decisions (such as an LPA or will). This data will be used in conjunction with observational data (yet to collect), and I will conduct a discourse analysis and conversation analysis. For this data session I’m interested in how suicide is constructed as a way to avoid the future or as a ‘non-future’.