Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


15 May 2019

Chris Ring - Building “Common Ground” in repeated interactions with vulnerable people

Presented By DARG
  • 15:00 - 16:30
  • B1.14 Brockington Building

About this event

During this session I would like to explore with DARG members the scope for developing volunteers’ conscious use of “common ground” in their interactions with people in a variety of problematic situations, using a training intervention.

Firstly, I will outline and explore different interpretations of the concept of “common ground”. Secondly, I’ll explain how I have used one of these in my own practice in a hospice setting, and argue for the value of this in relationship-based practice with vulnerable people. I will use samples of spoken discourse from my own research with the public to illustrate speakers’ natural use of common ground in conversation. Thirdly, I will invite participants to trial a teaching and learning exercise I have developed for volunteers and other students of human communication. This aims to enhance their awareness of the natural development of “common ground” in repeated interactions with others, and the added value of a conscious approach to this in relationship-based work with vulnerable people.

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