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15 May 2019

Professor Adrian Bingham - In touch with the people to an extent never attained before'? Writing a history of the twentieth century British press

Presented By CRCC Seminar Series

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Abstract: What should a history of the twentieth-century British press in 10,000 words look like? In this paper, Adrian Bingham reflects on writing the Introduction to the forthcoming Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press, 1900-2017, and explains how he sought to develop a concise analysis of the press that did not merely rehearse the conventional rise and fall narrative. 

Bio: Professor Adrian Bingham has worked extensively on the national popular press in the decades after 1918, examining the ways in which newspapers both reflected and shaped British society and culture. His first monograph explored press debates about femininity and masculinity in the inter-war period. His second bookFamily Newspapers? Sex, Private Life and the British Popular Press 1918-1978 (OUP, 2009) explored the role of the press as a source of information and imagery about sex, morality and personal relationshipsWith Professor Martin Conboy, he has written a wide-ranging history of popular newspapersTabloid Century: The Popular Press in Britain, 1896 to the Present (Peter Lang, 2015). More recently, he has worked on the press coverage of child sexual abuse