Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


5 April 2019

The Mediated Text

  • 10:30-18:30
  • Loughborough London

About this event

Digitally-assisted ways of engaging with texts - literature, film, theatre and soundscapes - have brought the relationship between art and audience under new scrutiny. E-books, for example, give readers a hitherto unknown level of control over the appearance of their texts, while the rise of the digital audiobook places an external agent (the narrator) between the page and its interpreter. These phenomena make clear what is always true, though often hidden: our interactions with texts have never been a pure, unadulterated coupling of narrative and narratee but are always affected by numerous external factors.

On Friday 5th April 2019, Loughborough University’s Communication and Culture Beacon Sub-Theme Textual Futures will host ‘The Mediated Text’ symposium at our London campus. We will be joined by members of BBC’s Research and Development team, publishers, and academics including Professors Martin Eve and Matthew Rubery to explore how engaging with texts has always been, is currently and may in the future be a mediated experience.
The day will feature a mix of practical demonstrations of DH projects, video exhibitions, round table discussions, keynotes and research papers. This variety of presentation styles will, we hope, help us to harness the energy of this fast-moving and elastic field of interdisciplinary research.

The symposium registration fee is £35 including lunch and other refreshments throughout the day. Please contact Ms Leah Henrickson (L.R.Henrickson@lboro.ac.uk) for more information.

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The Mediated Text itinerary