Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


27 March 2019

Marina Cantarutti - Co-animations and Association in English Interaction

Presented By DARG
  • 13:00-14:30 15:00-16:30
  • U1.22 Brockington Extention

About this event

Reported and (re)enacted speech (Gunthner, 1996; Holt, 2000; Clark & Gerrig, 1990; and others) is said to involve a split in the animating speaker, resulting in an (not always unambiguous) attribution of the author and principal roles to separate but simultaneous “voices” projected in the interaction (Goffman, 1981; Levinson, 1988; Goodwin, 2007). Co-Animations reveal an even more complex and laminated side to what is known as reported or (re)enacted talk in interaction, with two separate physical voices in the "here-and-now" of interaction merging into the animation of a single voice in the "there-and-then" of the constructed animation space. Happening in responsive slots, B-continued and B-initiated animations pose a number of interesting questions regarding issues of epistemic entitlement, affiliation, and alignment,  constituting a fascinating locus for the study of the building of social participation units (Cantarutti, 2018), as well as of the tension between individual and distributed agency (Enfield, 2017).  Introduced by a short presentation, these data sessions will explore two subcollections of associative animations in English appearing in either pre-completion or post-possible completion position relative to a first A-animation.

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