Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


20 March 2019

Nicolas Bencherki - Strategizing as the interactional substation of matters of concern

Presented By DARG
  • 13:00-14:30
  • B1.14 Brockington Building

About this event

Using videoshadowing data of a building manager supervising construction and repair work in a Manhattan high-rise, I would like to discuss whether it is possible to observe strategizing in the making, i.e. as an interactional and situational accomplishment. I provisionally propose that strategizing consists in identifying a matter of concern, confronting it with other matters that may substantiate it as a concern, selecting agency (i.e. is it up to us to deal with it), and selecting a course of action that may resolve the matter of concern. Of course, these do not take place in a neat succession. We will discuss whether these are indeed the communicative actions through which strategizing occurs, whether they are observable in the data, and the kind of sequence in which they occur (especially the kind of timeframe over which they take place, i.e. whether it is possible to see strategizing over short bits of data or if a longer horizon is necessary). One main excerpt of data will be analyzed collectively in detail. Additional data will be used as needed.

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