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16 January 2019

Lucas Seuren - Opportunities and challenges in video-mediated consultations

Presented By DARG

About this event

Attending clinics can be inconvenient for many patients, because of the costs of travel and physical challenges. Remote consultations, meaning consultations conducted through VoIP software like Skype of FaceTime, is seen as a possible solution, allowing patients to consult with physicians from the comfort of their own home. But mediated interaction brings with it new constraints and affordances, that may affect the quality of the consultations and the care patients receive. In this talk I will explore how clinicians and patients in secondary care (diabetes, cancer, and heart failure) manage interactional problems that arise in remote consultations. My focus will be on (i) turn-taking and overlap, (ii) breakdowns of the medium itself, and (iii) physical examinations.

In the data session we’ll explore the structural organisation of openings in video-mediated consultations. In all forms of interactions participants go through a set of steps in order to establish an interactional workspace; they have to establish shared attention, display a commitment to talk, determining who talks first, etc. But due the nature of video-mediated interactions—they are often pre-planned and may be preceded by (text-based) talk—participants develop different routines. How chaotic they may look, there seems to be a highly structural nature to these openings. My focus is on what these routines are and what they accomplish.

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