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18 June 2018

Constructing Histories of Computing and Digital Media in Museum Environments: A networking event between universities and museums

Presented By Simone Natale, Sabina Mihelj, Emily Keightley and Alena Pfoser
  • B1.14 Brockington Building

About this event

‌The extent to which historical narratives about the history of computing and digital media have been included within museum environments in the last few years is unprecedented. Over the course of less than a decade in the UK only, institutions such as the National Science and Media Museum (2012) and the Science Museum (2014) opened new permanent exhibitions about the history of ICT, and new museums of computing have been established in locations such as Bletchley Park (2007) and Cambridge (2014), among others. At the same time, mainstream media such as popular books (e.g. Walter Isaacson’s The Innovators, 2014), films (e.g. The Imitation Game, UK/USA, 2014), and TV series (e.g. Halt and Catch Fire, 2014-present) have been disseminating fictional and non-fictional narratives about histories of computing. It is evident that we are in the process of inserting histories of computing and digital media within a broader historical heritage through which the past, the present and the future of our societies are imagined and culturally constructed. How can museums play a leading role in disseminating these narratives? How can they contribute to ensure that such narratives are meaningful and accurate? And how do these narratives inform and are informed by choices and limits on what can be conserved and collected? This networking event will bring together museum professionals and academic researchers to ask how the social sciences and humanities and the cultural heritage sector can cooperate to address these questions. 

The event is funded by the Loughborough University's Centre for Research in Culture and Communication (CRCC). It will take place at Loughborough University on June 18th, 2018.

Programme_A networking event between universities and museums

Programme_A networking event between universities and museums 

Confirmed speakers

Dag Spicer, Computer History Museum, California (US)
Elinor Groom, National Science and Media Museum
Jeremy Thackray, Centre for Computing History, Cambridge
Jochen Viehoff, Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (Germany)
Marc Weber, Computer History Museum, California (US)
Martin Campbell-Kelly, National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park
Patricia Falcao, Tate
Peronel Craddock and Kate Travers, Bletchley Park Trust
Petrina Foti, Smithsonian Institution Archives
Ross Parry, University of Leicester
Simona Casonato, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci (Italy)
Tilly Blyth, Science Museum 

If you would like to participate in this event, please contact Simone Natale (s.natale@lboro.ac.uk) or Thais Sardá (t.sarda@lboro.ac.uk) to book your place.