Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


12 December 2018

Assistant Professor Rebekah Tromble - The Misinformed Citizen? New Approaches for Examining the Quality of Online News

Presented By CRCC Seminar Series & Online Civic Culture Centre (O3C) Seminars

About this event


Current discourses about the spread of misinformation tend to juxtapose misinformation with "quality" news--assuming that one is the opposite of the other. I argue that this juxtaposition is too simplistic and that in order to properly conceptualize, detect, and assess the impact of misinformation online, we must first understand (a) what quality news really is and (b) how quality news and misinformation relate to one another theoretically and empirically. I therefore propose a new Quality of Political Reporting Index and develop an initial theory of the expected relationship between certain elements of this index and misinformation, laying the groundwork for an empirical assessment of what quality news markers are predictive of misinformation itself.


Dr. Tromble is an Assistant Professor of Political Communication in the Institute of Political Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands and is currently a Visiting Researcher at The Alan Turing Institute in London. Her research combines interests in the political uses of social media, public discourse (both online and offline), and digital research methodology and ethics. Among other research, she is currently leading a new multi-university project selected by Twitter to assess the extent of echo chambers, incivility, and intolerance on the platform. More information about her work can be found at www.rebekahtromble.net

This event is organized in association with the Online Civic Culture Centre (O3C). Please note this event will run from 1.30-2.30.