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5 December 2018

Steven Bloch & Gerry Leydon - Examining third party complainables in health-helpline conversations

Presented By DARG

About this event

Data for this session come from a corpus of 30 audio-recorded telephone conversations between specialist nurses and callers to the Parkinson’s UK helpline. Callers, either people with Parkinson’s disease or their family members, use the service to seek advice and help regarding complex symptom management. Such calls share features with traditional consultation based medical encounters (e.g. problem presentations, Bloch and Antaki, 2018) but also extend to wider concerns including access to, and organisation of, different health services. As with other long term neuro-disabilities, people living with Parkinson’s disease may engage with a variety of health and social care professionals. Such encounters can, perhaps inevitably, result in dissatisfaction – exemplified by sequences featuring complaints about third parties from the caller to the nurse.
In this provisional collection we (Steven Bloch and Gerry Leydon) are interested in how such complainables are displayed and recognised and how the nurses, as recipients, manage their receipt of a complaint. Relative degrees of (dis)affiliation with the caller’s dissatisfaction may also be of interest.

Bloch, S. & Antaki, C. (2018, online early view) The pivot-point between problem-presentation and advice in a health-helpline service. Applied Linguistics

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