Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


5 December 2018

Hanna-Leena Ristimaki - Producing 'good employee' category in multi-party return to work negotiations

Presented By DARG
  • Brockington B1.14

About this event

The clip for this data session comes from a video-recorded return to work negotiation involving occupational physician, employer, employee and occupational nurse. In return to work negotiation participants try to find solutions to prevent and manage work disability after a long sick leave and identify potential work modifications according to the employee’s remaining work ability (e.g. reducing work load, cutting working hours and finding ergonomic solutions). The aim is to achieve a satisfying decision for both the employee and the employer. The situation is delicate as the stakes of finding the satisfactory solution are high for both the employee and the employer and the interests of the participants may differ.

My study is part of co-operated project by University of Tampere and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. I am working on a collection of sequences in which employee is producing ’good employee category’ (or morality) during the decision-making. I am interested in how this category is constructed and how the other participants receive it. Observations about the (possibly problematic) elements that this kind of category producing may bring to the decision-making are highly welcome.