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21 November 2018

Wendy Archer - Object-focussed sequences in hospice-based therapy sessions

Presented By DARG

About this event

Data for this session come from a corpus of video-recorded hospice-based therapy sessions collected as part of the VERDIS-AHP project, which aims to examine interaction in between allied health professionals (physio- and occupational therapists) and their terminally-ill patients. I am working on a set cases in which aids and adaptations are introduced by the therapist and accepted or declined by the patient. In this session, I will show a case in which a male patient (accompanied by his wife) is offered two pieces of equipment (e.g. walking frame, perching stool), one of which is declined, the other taken up and tried out for fit.

I am particularly interested in how therapists and patients negotiate the significance and/or value of aids and adaptations in ways that affect the potential for uptake or ‘buy in’ among patients and/or relatives. But observations about other aspects of these object-focussed sequences are very welcome.

Transcripts will be available on the day and will need to be returned at the end of the session.
The materials involve people who have, and are talking about terminal illness. They can be distressing to hear, see and work with.

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