Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


4 July 2018

DARG Session - Experimental data as interactional data

Presented By Emily Hofstetter

About this event

Emily will be delivering 'Experimental data as interactional data'

"I am working with recordings of an experiment, where participants memorized and then recalled (verbally) objects on a tray. The objects were everyday objects like snacks, stationary, and kitchen items, and a few weirder objects like plastic toys and less familiar food packets. In recalling objects, participants used a wide variety of descriptions, across trials, that were still counted as a successfully recalled item. Some participants used detailed descriptions instead of object labels ("clippy thing for laundry" instead of "clothes peg/clothes pin"). Some participants also spoke English as a second language and so expressed concern about how to best demonstrate their recall.

I would like to discuss members methods for demonstrating memory in an experiment, as well as how we can account for multiple 'correct' versions in doing experimental work of this kind."