Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


2 May 2018

DARG Session - Treatment sequences in primary care mental health consultations

Presented By Joe Ford

About this event

Joe Ford will be presenting data of primary care mental health consultations:

I will be presenting two treatment sequences taken from primary care consultations about mental health. In the first sequence, the patient is not currently receiving any treatment for her depression, and the doctor presents her with the two main treatment options: antidepressants and counselling. In the second, the patient is already taking antidepressants but is not receiving counselling. The doctor thus recommends counselling in addition to her medication. 

I am interested how these sequences play out (both in themselves and in comparison to each other), how medication and counselling are framed in relation to each other (i.e. are they complements or alternatives?), and any differences (or preferences) apparent in how medication and counselling are presented.’