Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


18 April 2018

Andrea Ballatore - Digital Hegemonies: Towards A Geography of Web Content (in collaboration with Geography and LUNN)

Presented By Andrea Ballatore, Birkbeck University of London
  • 1:00-2:00 pm CRCC Seminar Series
  • Brockington U1.22

About this event

Every day, billions of Internet users rely on search engines to find information about places to make decisions about tourism, shopping, and countless other activities. In an opaque process, search engines assemble digital content produced in a variety of locations around the world and make it available to large cohorts of consumers. Although these representations of place are increasingly important and consequential, little is known about their characteristics and possible biases. Crucial questions include: To what degree is online information either locally or remotely produced and diverse? Which countries are producing their own representations and which are represented by others? Through empirical investigations, we identify the factors that contribute to shaping this uneven digital geography, supporting efforts to curb the digital divide, promoting a more inclusive, democratic information society.